Michael and I in Paris on our honeymoon.

Bon jour, everyone. My name is Marilyn, and I am a litigator at a large law firm in Orlando, Florida. My love of writing attracted me to the law as a young child and, despite writing volumes of briefs, motions, and case decisions (as a lawyer and a law clerk to a federal judge), I find that I am most passionate writing about things outside the law — every day experiences and musings about life.

My ultimate dream is to write a book (even if I self-publish), and for the last couple of years I have used Facebook as more of a blog for story-telling than anything else.  I’ve recently wondered if I should give traditional blogging a try. About me: I am more-than-slightly obsessed with all things French and have been since I was 14, having studied French in high school and traveled there following graduation. I just returned from my honeymoon in Paris and enjoyed writing about all my experiences after a 24-year absence! I have a keen interest in French history, especially the Revolutionary era and Marie Antoinette particularly, and French design and decor as well.

In addition to writing about French language, culture, and history, I gravitate toward writing about issues that are germane to my life — motherhood (single motherhood as a professional woman, except for the last two months), marriage as a first-time 42-year old bride, my Southern upbringing being raised as the fifth of six children in a rural area with lots of tales of farm animals and “hard times” which are some of the best memories I can conjure, and my personal journey and the demons I have fought (and am still fighting) to get where I am today.

So here goes … my first blog post.  I’m excited to be here with you.