Trying to decide which books to download to my new Kindle. The next book I want to read is Sex with Kings: 500 Years of Adultery, Power, and Revenge  by Eleanor Hermann.  It recounts the fascinating details of kings (and their queens and mistresses) from King David to Prince Charles. The thing is, the book has such a cool title and saucy nude Renaissance cover art that I just have to have it resting on my bedside table and eventually find it a home in the fantasy home library of my future. To me, real books are souvenirs from the literary journeys I’ve taken, just as some collect snowglobes or magnets when they travel.  Books are also decor to be stacked in baskets, placed on tables, and perched on shelves with photographs, candles, and keepsakes.  The sound of the spine cracking on a new novel, the yellowed and dog-eared pages, those key passages underlined, and the ability to loan books to friends — these are the things I love about real books for which there is no technological substitute.  I guess my love affair with real books will never end, but I do enjoy my new Kindle and think about how convenient it will be to have a variety of reading material on hand all the time. I’ve already downloaded a free copy of Pride and Prejudice so I can whip it out of my briefcase the next time I’m languishing in a pediatrician’s office with only a germ-covered Highlights magazine from 1997 to keep my interest.  Happy reading.

book cover

Sex with Kings cover art

Books on the nightstand

Books in the stairway landing