10.  He’s handy to have around the house.

Michael has every tool imaginable and knows how to actually use them.  He can build anything and, more than that, he can take apart any machine or appliance (from a lawnmower, to a car, to a computer), fix it, and put it back together.  No job is too challenging for him.

9.  He is a whiz at accounting and has our finances all taken care of, with nifty spreadsheets, graphs, and charts.

I may never have to pay a late fee again now that Michael has organized our finances.  I can call him and ask any question about an account or payment and he can give me the answer in mere seconds thanks to his Excel masterpiece and Quicken graphs.  We’ve paid off 8 credit cards in 4 months and hope to be debt free within 2 years.  It’s liberating to take control of our finances and have him at the helm.

8.  When he gets really mad at me, he leaves the house and chooses Skittles over strippers.

Some guys drink whiskey when they get mad; others slap their women around.  In my past, I had a guy who would disappear and shack up with a stripper for a few days after a big argument.  Not my Michael.  After one of our most serious arguments, he left our home around midnight.  I was worried sick, wondering what male debauchery he would get involved in to blow off steam.  Luckily for me, Michael came back 10 minutes later, with a pack of Skittles he had purchased at the convenience store up the street.  Soothing anger with Skittles?  That’s a good man.

7.  He helps with cooking, cleaning, housework, and childcare.

I still do my fair share around the house, but so does Michael.  As a man who owned his own home and worked full-time while raising a son, he knows how to run a household.  He’s willing to share responsibility for picking up the kids, doing the grocery shopping, cooking dinner, and doing endless loads of laundry.  There is nothing sexier than a man who helps around the house, so Michael is as sexy as they come.

Real men wear toile.

6.  He goes to church with me.

There’s something so special about sitting in church with your husband and having him hold your hand during the sermon.  This is a new experience for me, and I absolutely love it.

5.  He’s crazy smart.

I consider myself of above-average intelligence, but Michael is a whole different kind of smart.  He knows mathematical equations and scientific stuff that leaves me scratching my head, but he also has street smarts.  I could never do what he does, and I admire him for his brilliance.

4.  He is romantic … kinda.

Nearly every day, Michael sends me an email or text and tells me how much he loves me.   Often, the email says something totally gross and inappropriate like, “I love you more than an STD loves a whore,” but every once in a while he says something sweet like, “I love you like Winnie the Pooh loves honey.”   He also sends sexy text messages that consist of ultra-cheesy pick-up lines, like “Are those mirrors on your pants because I can see myself in them?”  He’s no Mr. Darcy, but I’ll take him.

3.  He makes me laugh.

See number 4 above.

2.  He is a good father … but not so perfect that I feel inferior as a parent.

Michael reads to our kids, disciplines them, helps them with their homework, and tucks them into bed at night with prayers and hugs.  He can then walk straight into our bedroom and confess to me that the kids are rotten and we should sell them on e-Bay or chain them to the radiator.  His genuineness enables me to candidly share my own parenting frustrations and rants without the kind of judgment you’d get from anyone on the outside.

1.  He loves me.

I’m not an easy person to love.  I’m moody and opinionated and a wee bit domineering … and those are my good points.  Michael took on a lot when he married me, and I’m so grateful he did.

And he took me to Paris on our honeymoon!